Amsterdam in 24 Hours

Amsterdam, Nederlands


Experiencing a city with a local definitely makes a lot of difference. Walked around crossing bridges, streets and even stumbled upon a cultural festival. Had tea in a chilly fall-like weather and was even invited in a house dinner party. Amsterdam like-a-local in 24 hours. Check.

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At around 9pm, our train arrived at Amsterdam Central after about 1.5 hr ride from Brussels and had a chance to walk around the city later that night. I left my big camera and just decided to use my iPhone cam but it died so I wasn’t able to take any photos. Walked around Red Light District, seeing windows after windows of otherwise illegal business in the States. Mostly saw college high-school looking tourist guys giddy about being in the place.

The next day was overcast but it was still a nice break from Parisian summer weather. We saw canals after canals, cute boat houses, bikes and flowers everywhere. We even went to stop in a small cozy cafe in a non-touristy part of town. No better way to be in a foreign city than with somebody who knows it like the back of his hand. Thank you Johnny for being our host and tour guide.

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