Big Sur

Big Sur

Big Sur, California

When I had the chance to move to Monterey area, one of the things that I first thought of was that I finally will be able to go to Big Sur. I have driven up and down California for more than a few times, choosing the faster route due to time restraints. Taking the coastal route, additional three hours from San Francisco to Los Angeles on top of 6-hour drive is a lot if you only have a weekend to do it. Luckily, I was given the chance to explore the Central Coast for 13 weeks.


My work contract in Monterey was one of the toughest I had. What made it bearable was that I ended up meeting three beautiful people from different backgrounds and ended up connecting with each other. There were those trivia nights, hiking explorations, bonfires, late dinners, karaokes, impromptu trips to San Francisco and this one to Big Sur.

A client once asked me if moving from one place to another is worth the effort of not only hauling the contents of your apartment, but also establishing relationships with other people. I thought about it before answering. It is always easier to find a new acquaintance but to find a new friend in a new city is a challenge. True, that in other places I have lived, I meet new people but never got to keep in touch after I’ve left. Yet, there are certain people that you think you’ll only meet in passing but will become one of those friends you’ll end up having for the rest of you life.

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