Cusco plane view
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Friday Favorites: Window Seat Envy






From as long as I can remember, whenever I book a flight to go somewhere, I ALWAYS try to get a window seat. Sure the aisle seats give more freedom to stretch your legs and go to the washrooms, especially on those long haul flights. But there’s something about looking out the window that gives me more fulfillment.

It may be the sense of sight and that feeling of taking off and seeing the city from another angle. Or maybe that feeling of excitement when the plane is about to land and the rush it gives you when you get to a new place or country to start a new adventure you’ve been planning for months. About 10000 ft above sea level, you see those breathtaking views of beautiful skylines, or those turquoise Mediterranean water you’re about to feel. My favorite: landing at LAX at night. The lights of this city captivates my heart and validates the end of my journey – just like a mother’s hug when you finally made it home.

Photos above: 1) LAX at night/ 2) Flying over Cusco, Peru/ 3) Going to Athens, Greece/ 4) First sight of Andes Mountains/ 5) Getting to Nice, France

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