Bruxelles, Belgique

 We were able to squeeze in Brussels in our fully packed Paris IT. Our train was leaving at 6:25am, which meant we had to wake up extra early and rush to the Metro, only to find out that it doesn’t open until 5:30 am. Not taking chances, we got in a cab – a wrong cab as the driver drove us around before dropping as off at Paris Nord, trying to milk every little euro cent out of us.

Brussels_2013_ 188

Brussels_2013_ 140

Brussels_2013_ 130

Brussels_2013_ 169

Brussels_2013_ 166

Brussels_2013_ 177

Brussels_2013_ 148

Brussels_2013_ 175

Brussels_2013_ 146

Brussels_2013_ 183

Brussels_2013_ 150

Brussels_2013_ 190

Brussels_2013_ 144

Brussels_2013_ 195

Brussels_2013_ 135

The Thalys train ride was very chic in red and pink and took an hour and half to get to Bruxelles Midi. Getting to the main town square in the morning still half asleep, we managed to take photos without the crowd, and all the shops were just opening up. The smell and sight of Belgian waffles fill the air and yes we couldn’t resist ourselves. Joining the Free Walking tour, we saw one too many chocolate stand after another.

The fall-like weather even got better when the sun came out for a few minutes after we finished the tour, before hurrying to our chocolate workshop. Our stay in Brussels was so short and definitely sweet.

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  • But don’t you think the Manneken-Pis is so disappointingly small….?

    I have a love-hate relationship with Brussels, I kind of hate it with all it’s tourists and that, but if you get it on a good day, it’s not too bad. We went a few times of the festive period and I kind of like it at the moment (just a little).

    Happy New Year to you!

    • Happy New Year Kerri! And yes, the Manneken-Pis was so much smaller than the chocolate counterparts along the streets of Brussels!

  • What amazing architecture in those buildings.

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