Luxembourg Garden Chairs

On a cloudy day in Paris

Paris, France

It was the afternoon after I started the next level class I was bumped into. The day started with heavy dark clouds, as it was for four days since I arrived in Paris. I was determined to go to Jardin des Luxembourg that I have heard so much about. I took so many Metro rides before and so for this visit, my goal was to explore the city by foot. Coming from the Fifth, I made my way thru Rue Soufflot, passing the Pantheon and the Town Hall. As soon as I approached the center of this park, memories came rushing back. I have been in this park before. I remember seeing these small sailboats floating away in the water, the green chairs and that palace. 










Flashback to when I was 11 years old, I spent a beautiful spring season in Paris with my grandma, my uncle, and aunt. I can’t remember everything but I knew I was re-living those years when my brothers and I never felt so loved away from home, from these three beautiful people who are probably walking around their own beautiful garden, in heaven.

Dreaming from California,


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