Vik Plane Iceland

Of Trolls, Planes and Horses

Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland

The first time I saw a photo of this plane, I just know I have to get there. It wasn’t easy. 2-mile walk from the parking lot with very strong winds blowing up to 60 mph, with sand feeling like pellets on our faces. There was nowhere to hide from the wind. No structure, building, house or anything. We thought the wind was going to die down but instead it kept picking up, but we kept going and going.









Vik = 2nd and last chance to go bec of late flight

No, this won’t be a melodramatic fictional post. I wish it was fiction but it’s not. I could still remember my hands freezing, unable to open the car door once we got back. And I remember my feet being seriously soaked from the wet socks after the water seeped into my boots. Why do you ask we went? It was our last chance to see the plane (thanks to the 16-hour flight delay) and we were passing through to get to our last hotel prior to returning to Reykjavik.

After changing in the nearest gas station, we pulled up to the side of the road and so the most beautiful horses I’ve ever seen. With their beautiful long blonde hair, they were actually posing for selfies. It was the most amazing way to turn the day around.

PS: There’s actually a legend that goes with those rock formations in the third post. Find out here.






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