Coronado, CA


If there’s one beach I would never get tired of going, it’ll be Coronado Beach. I even drove 300 miles one day to get to this lovely location. Before it was even ranked at 2012’s Best Beach in America, I have already spent mornings running with Navy Seals, afternoons reading a book, and evenings strolling along it’s silvery white sand. 



Coronado March 2011


Been to a lot of beaches all over the world but there’s something about Coronado that just makes me feel at home.

Photos 1-2 taken by my brother J.

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  • Madaline

    Sigh. This makes me miss the California coast line so much. I don’t know why I’m so nostalgic about it recently!

  • What a lovely beach! I don’t think I’ve visited the perfect beach yet, but I’ve been to a few that I like.

  • Debbie Theodosiou

    This place is in my heart! I absolutely love it there and my crazuiest dream is to (win the lottery and) have a summerhouse on the beach 🙂

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