Sailing in San Francisco

Sail Away

San Francisco Bay, California

When my friend and I walked around her new neighborhood after she moved to her apartment, we stumbled upon a small port for sailboats and yachts and got curious if we can find a tour that can take us around the area. There was none as most if not all, were privately owned. Yet, something caught my eye – a sign for sailing lessons for $25 per person!  So we immediately signed up and that very next weekend, we couldn’t be more excited.





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There were 7 of us + the instructor. Long story short, there wasn’t any wind and we didn’t end up learning anything. Not at all the instructor’s fault. We basically weren’t too interested to learn, more overwhelmed that we were in a private sailboat and were captivated by the beautiful San Francisco Bay. We took dozens of photos and shared really fun memories.

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  • I would totally join up for lessons with no intention of learning just for the experience! Sneaky sneaky, but well worth it for the photos!

  • Oh my goodness, how beautiful! I want to take sailing lessons!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes