San Blas Cusco Peru
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San Blas

Cusco, Peru


Barrio de San Blas is the ‘artsy’ neighborhood in Cusco, Peru full of studios and workshops. A steep walk hike from Plaza de Armas, the main town square, the backstreets are mostly pedestrian, with occasional taxis carrying oxygen deprived tourists. It is also home to well known restaurants and bars which caters to both gringos and locals alike.

The sky is so blue and and clouds are soo white!

San Blas Church



When the sun comes out in Cusco, it's so beautiful!

Such a beautiful day!


Cusco 2012

My first time in San Blas was the Monday after our Lake Titicaca trip. Getting back to our San Pedro Volunteer House at 5:30 in the morning after an eight hour bus ride, it was impossible for me to report to our volunteer program in the am, but we were able to inform our directors right away. We headed out to walk around and maybe have some lunch. I didn’t know what to expect at San Blas, I never heard of it. (Yes, I didn’t get to read a lot about Cusco prior to my trip, I read more about Peru in general.) It was my second week in Peru, and I was getting more acquainted with the lovely town of Cusco. Later on I found myself walking up and down these streets both at day and at night.

From Plaza de Armas, you will pass the famous 12-point stone, a site itself as it has sides/angles that are “clearly defined and placed together”. Nobody is supposed to touch it that they have people guarding it, yet there are definitely those who tried and succeeded. Just around the corner, you will see Jack’s Cafe, a famous gringo hangout that serves American food. After being in South America or Cusco for awhile, an occasional brownie is like a taste of heaven. Not too far from Jack’s, there’s 7 Angelitos where they play live music most nights, and where we also happen to have one too many mojitos during a fellow volunteer’s birthday. At the top sits the Plaza, where the Church of San Blas is, also where a lot of other restaurants are. The side streets leading up to the top shouldn’t be missed, as there are galleries and souvenir shops all around. I was too busy looking, that I forgot to take more photos of the shops. But with days and lovely streets like these, it’s easy to forget the camera and just enjoy living the moment.

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