Spring is Here!

SS is now SE

If you have been following me through my Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin accounts, you have probably noticed the hashtags #SpringIsComing and #ChangeIsGood that I have used.

Happy first day of Spring everyone and welcome to Sky Envy!

Why the change?
I purchased my domain and hosting on the same day, about 5 months ago. I imported old posts from a previous Blogger account then decided to move to WordPress. It was an easy peasy task, gave the blog name a lot of thought and liked it then. What I forgot is to do a quick research prior to deciding on the name. Google search will show an Etsy shop and a number of other blogs. And so not to confuse mine from others, it was logical to change it.

Why the name?
Coming up with a new name was the hardest thing for me when I decided to start a new blog. I’m a very indecisive person and even choosing what I’m going to have for lunch when trying out a new restaurant is a struggle.
I wanted to get something that will be short and easy to remember, obviously a domain and blog name that is not taken and something that will be related to this little project. All possible combinations with the words travel, wander, jet setter, trot were already taken. I’ve thought long and hard and Sky Envy came up and I knew this will be it! Looking back at the photos, I always wish that I am in that same spot again. So the word Wish came to mind but it also happens to be popular word for a blog name. I know the word “envy” doesn’t really mean the same thing but it gives it more character, it’s more feminine, a little more grown up I think, and adds a little enigma. The name doesn’t sound too obvious as a travel blog but then again mine isn’t. This blog is a photo diary of my travels with some back story included. My favorite posts are always the ones that included more details of how I felt, my thoughts, how the weather was and it is like re-living the whole experience again.

Change is Good


Why am I seeing old posts?

Because I am not an expert with this blogging thing and I couldn’t afford to pay someone hundreds or thousands of dollars to do it for me, I changed my domain name before doing a complete back-up and along the way, it messed things up. I find it easier to re-post older entries, and what excites me is that I can re-edit old photos with much more to my liking. The experts might say it’s not the best way to do it and I know it will be a long painstaking process but I liked that I am more focused now on each post and can give my readers a better time spent on my blog.

Come join me as we go through this stage of metamorphosis. All my social media accounts will also be renamed and some posts and redirection might not be into place in the first few weeks, and I appreciate all your patience as we are undergo this change.

So let’s start this thing! Welcome and thank you for your time.

300x100 SE

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