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After visiting Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Grasse, I could say that my favorite town in the South of France is Èze. A charming medieval village just a few minutes away from Nice, it is also known as the Eagle’s Nest as it is perched high up on a cliff where you can look over the French Mediterranean Sea. 

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From Place di Garibaldi, we took ligne 82 and paid € 1.50 to get off at Èze-le-Village. From the foothills, we started to climb up the cobbledstones path of the 400-yr-old château, which also happens to be a former residence to a Swedish prince. Getting lost around the wonderful alleyways was an unforgettable maze experience, I found it quaint to see an occasional suite entrance to now a boutique hotel. 

The lovely ochre walls of Èglise Notre Dame De l’Assomption can be seen from a distance. Note to self: U2’s Bono was married here. A few steps away lead to the well worth 6 Euro entrance to Jardin d’Èze, the perfect spot for breathtaking panoramic views the French Med. It is here where I finally understood why Èze is a must-see and it is here where I fell in love with Côte d’Azur.

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