Côte d’Azur, France


After visiting Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Grasse, I could say that my favorite town in the South of France is Èze. A charming medieval village just a few minutes away from Nice, it is also known as the Eagle’s Nest as it is perched high up on a cliff where you can look over the French Mediterranean Sea. 

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From Place di Garibaldi, we took ligne 82 and paid € 1.50 to get off at Èze-le-Village. From the foothills, we started to climb up the cobbledstones path of the 400-yr-old château, which also happens to be a former residence to a Swedish prince. Getting lost around the wonderful alleyways was an unforgettable maze experience, I found it quaint to see an occasional suite entrance to now a boutique hotel. 

The lovely ochre walls of Èglise Notre Dame De l’Assomption can be seen from a distance. Note to self: U2’s Bono was married here. A few steps away lead to the well worth 6 Euro entrance to Jardin d’Èze, the perfect spot for breathtaking panoramic views the French Med. It is here where I finally understood why Èze is a must-see and it is here where I fell in love with Côte d’Azur.

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  • We passed through Eze on our scooter we rented from Nice and it was lovely! The drive alone is worth the trip! Gorgeous photos 🙂

  • Madaline

    Stunning. This is the kind of place I would visit for an hour and want to move to!

  • Such amazing views! I really love just walking up and up and then getting admire the view once you get there. It’s my favourite thing to point somewhere, and think, ok we’re going up there!
    I’ve been missing your gorgeous photography around here 🙂

    ~ K

    • So sweet Kerri! Been busier lately and yes, the view is definitely the reward!

  • Absolutely beautiful!!! My boyfriend and I are hoping to make a European travel itinerary soon for our trip this summer + France keeps winning over our hearts. 🙂

    • European summer is definitely a must once in your life! If you have questions, I may be of help 🙂