Saint Tropez

Saint – Tropez

 Côte d’Azur, France

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_101

Saint-Tropez has always been one of the places I wanted to visit. We always hear about this little town, made famous by Brigitte Bardot, still a destination of Hollywood actors and European royalty alike. After an hour and half ferry ride from Cannes, we got to see this little fishing-village and all it’s large yachts and luxury shopping houses. I wasn’t too impressed. 

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Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_064

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_034

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_028

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_089

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_043

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_046
Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_063

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_103

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_088

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_096

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_106

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_092

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_086

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_101

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_091

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_047

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_020

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_051

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_031

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_107

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_090

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_104

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_041

Maybe because it’s the height of summer season and it was packed by tourists. Maybe, it’s walking around the 90-degree weather. Maybe it’s because it’s all superficial for me. The ambiance was getting repetitive, coming from Nice and Cannes. To the town’s defense, I was only there for a few hours and I must have missed a lot of things but it was too long of a visit for me. I am sure a lot of people would still want to come here but for someone who wanted to experience more culture, this wouldn’t be a place to go. At least I don’t think so. I must add that it is a commitment to visit Saint-Tropez. It is not easy to get to, by driving or by rail. Probably the best way is to catch the Ferry like what we did.

Looking back at these photos, I might say it wasn’t too bad. Summer in the South of France. Who wouldn’t want that? But will I go back to Saint Tropez? Maybe not. Different strokes for different folks.

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  • RachelvM

    I totally agree with you! Last summer I visited Saint Tropez again, and although the village has its charms, it definitely isn’t the best the South of France has to offer. Maybe it’s because the rich and famous like to show off here and display their wealth, which is fun for a day I think, but not any longer.

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