Côte d’Azur, France

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In light of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, here are some photos I took last summer for the very short time we were there. From Nice, we took the train to Cannes and took the Ferry to Saint-Tropez. Sure we could have taken the ferry straight from Nice, but we couldn’t pass out the opportunity to see the famous city.  

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_115

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_002

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_005

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_012

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_001

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_014

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_009

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_004

Cote d'Azur_2013-09-05_013


To say the truth, I wasn’t too impressed with Cannes. After being in Nice, it wasn’t too much different from other cities in the region. Maybe it’s also me having lived in LA and worked on Hollywood Blvd, so seeing this land of celebrities for the first time didn’t give off the same feeling as it would have to somebody else. No one is complaining though. Being in the South of France on a gorgeous summer day, sounds like a dream to me!

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