Roma, Italia


I just love the feeling when I am in a new city walking around the backstreets and finally finding my way out of the usual tourist spots. Trastevere is still probably touristy for some, but this place on the other side of the Tiber River boasts more locals, less people with cameras, and more people just enjoying good Italian food served in lovely trattorias. To get to Trastevere, I walked past the Jewish Ghetto and saw the almost empty streets, one after another, under summer afternoon sun. This is when I know I have ventured to the other side – the part of Rome where real Romans live.














After I walked and wandered around the beautiful cobblestones streets, I sat myself down on the fountain steps at the Piazza Santa Maria to take it all in. There were more people now, tourists and locals alike, enjoying their time “beyond the Tiber.”


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  • finding this blog, this blog post – was fate. i lived right across the river from here for a short time last summer. trastevere is my favorite part of rome, beyond the tiber. now following your blog! like i said, meant to be.

    ps. if you’re still there by any chance…head to Tony’s Hostaria del Moro for some real good penne alla vodka (and best value!)

    • Thank you Taylor! I wish I was still there. Rome was one of my favorite places that I visited and I’m glad I spent longer there. Definitely coming back when I get the chance.

  • It’s nice to just get out of the hustle and bustle of the people and just enjoy. Beautiful photos! I miss Italy, I should go again!

    • Thanks again Kerri, as always. So jealous you’re so close to Rome – at least closer than I am!

  • Madaline

    HI! Found you via Margo’s Blog (Guten Blog). You captured the beauty of Trastevere very nicely! I live on the other side, right near Piazza Navona, and my husband has been trying to talk me into moving to Trastevere …

    • Can you say jealous right now? Piazza Navona and Trastevere are both amazing areas. Then again I haven’t lived there. Such a dilemma huh – a really good one! 😉

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