Santorini, Greece 


The island of Santorini is one of the popular destinations in Greece. It’s large caldera, formed from major volcanic eruptions which started around 1650 BC, is probably the most beautiful in the world. With the repeated eruptions over the last two thousand years, two small islands were formed. From Fira, you can take a a boat trip to these volcanic islets that made the caldera view stunning as it is now. 








For the cost of 30 Euros, one can sail the blue sapphire water and take a half day trip to the volcanic islands. From the old port, we ventured into a pirate looking ship ride to Nea Kameni, or the “new burnt one”. Here we paid another 4 Euros to hike up the hills and get to the crater. You can actually see some steam from different areas the island.

Next stop is Palea Kameni aka “old burnt one”. The boats just dock a few feet away where tourists can jump off to the famous not so hot hot springs. There’s a small church at the foot of the island. We couldn’t make it all the way there as our feet were all too tired and our boat was only docked for only a short time.

This trip was another adventure of a lifetime. Half a day may be too short but in the end its experience and the company of good friends that make the memories.

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