Happy Birthday To Me


The photo above was taken in Mykonos, Greece after a day of ATVing around the beautiful island. For the last 5 years, I have been celebrating my birthday in another country, if not another state. This past year was tough and challenging, with changes not only with my address – 3x last year but also with my lifestyle. I decided to stay put for a while, to stay in one place for now while my heart continues to wander and my mind always looking for a flight to somewhere I’ve never been.

This year, I’m celebrating my birthday at home, glad and very thankful to be with my wonderful family and friends. Here’s a toast to another year to move on and bring with us the lessons we have learned, to another year of life and adventures! Cheers!

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About Sarah

A perpetual dreamer, an eternal nomad and a Francophile at heart.

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  • Happy Birthday Sarah!! I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family. Have an awesome birthday! And cheers to adventures no matter where we are!

  • Have a great birthday! It is wonderful traveling on your birthday but just as great getting to spend time with family and friends. Enjoy 😉

  • Happy Birthday to you! I really enjoyed spending my birthday abroad, I prefer the peace and quiet. Hope you have a lovely day!