Mr. Eiffel's Tower

Mr. Eiffel’s Tower

Paris, France


No one has never heard of Eiffel Tower – except if you came from another planet. I had it on my bucket list to go to the very top and drink champagne. A dinner wouldn’t be bad too. But just to see the tower, have pictures taken and watch it sparkle at night is just as good for me.  















My last visit was in the mid ’90s, I was very young and they still didn’t have the lights set up like it is now. Booking our visit 2 months early, all the tickets for the lift were sold out, everyday until 11pm for the whole week. We looked for alternatives and saw a behind the scenes tour, basically skipping the line with access to old “bunker” and original machinery room that operates the lift. It was very informative, but what I liked the best is that we had an exclusive rooftop access of one of the restaurants in the tower and see the Paris from another angle, with less crowds. My favorite: seeing the sunset from one of the world’s most iconic landmark.

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  • The sunset photo is lovely!
    My bf and I went to Paris a few years ago, the city is a really nice place to spend some time, wandering around and just enjoying the sights. Despite the metro smelling terrible at all times…

    We went to see the Eiffel Tower but decided against climbing as there was a huge queue (at the time we didn’t know you had to book tickets). I was surprised, I always imagined it to be bigger haha.

    Lovely view from the top! We decided to take the view from Notre Dame instead.

    • Thanks Kerri! Paris is so beautiful, it’s hard not to take a bad photo. We didn’t make it to the top of Notre Dame though. They have just cut the line and admitted the last few people when we got there.

  • I’m with @kerri, I imagined it bigger too! We went up Montparnasse tower instead and the views were also amazing!

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